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What’s on my bedside table

Published February 17, 2013 by cakemusicandmakeup

I’ve seen this type of post/video floating around for a while now so thought I’d join in.

What's on my bedside table 1

The lamp is from Wilkinsons and was about £10 I think, it lights up the room nicely but is subtle enough for when I want to read and my boyfriend wants to go to sleep. The radio alarm is from Argos and is made by Philips.

The purple spotty case was a present and contains my kindle – just the basic model but it suits me fine.

The ear buds are for my mobile phone, so I can watch YouTube videos or listen to music in bed.

Cocodamol: I can’t take ibuprofen and sometimes paracetamol isn’t strong enough by itself.

On to the beauty products!

4 perfumes – the J.Lo one could do with binning now as it’s about 7 years old and is past its best. The Very Irresistible Givenchy is very strong and a bit overpowering for every day wear, but the Amor Amor doesn’t last very long. My newest perfume is the Jimmy Choo, which I use for evening wear.

Origins Drink Up Intensive mask: I use this about once a week, usually the night after I use Liquid Gold.

Bastiste dry shampoo in XXL volume: for particularly bad hair days.

Aveda Be Curly styling product: still on the fence about this, it only really works when I can be bothered to blow dry my hair.

Nivea Lip Butter in raspberry rose and Nuxe lip balm: I like a heavier lip balm for night time.

A couple of deodorants.

Champney’s Lavender pillow spray: sometimes, with the stress of work, I find it difficult to sleep. This sometimes helps, but I’m not a fan of the smell lingering in my hair the day after…

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter: it has literally taken me YEARS to get through this. A good all-over, post-bath moisturiser.

Essie Apricot cuticle oil: haven’t used this for ages, not sure what I think of it. Sometimes I like it, sometimes it’s too greasy.

Lush Lemony Flutter: I like to use this when I’ve used acetone to remove glitter nail polish. Smells very strong!

What's on my bedside table 2

And upon studying the photos, I definitely need a bit of a tidy up!



Published January 7, 2013 by cakemusicandmakeup

Just so you know, I don’t really go in for resolutions. They always seem to be so black and white – I WILL do this, or I WILL NOT do that. To be a bit Meredith Grey-esque, I like there to be shades of grey in things.

I was glad to see the back of 2012, to be honest. The Olympics didn’t really interest me – the torch relay certainly didn’t, anyway – and the Euros ended in disappointment, as ever. Personally, towards the end of the year, I spent a significant time off work sick, which wasn’t fun in any way – I didn’t feel ill, but I was: this made what was essentially solitary confinement even more difficult. Health-wise, 2013 hasn’t dawned much brighter, but I have appointments and people to see that are making the horizon somewhat clearer.

But back to 2013. Instead of resolutions, I decided to set myself a few goals; things I would like to accomplish over the year. And by sharing them publicly, I’m hoping it might hold me to account a bit more. Some might seem shallow, but that’s how I roll.

  1. To take more care of myself. This encompasses lots of things, really: making sure I always take my various medication, going for blood tests when the doctor tells me, brushing my teeth twice a day, going to the dentist (sorry mum), washing my face every day, making an attempt to eat more healthily.
  2. To say no. This is a work one really. I always say yes to everything, and this hasn’t helped my physical or mental health.
  3. To cut back on luxuries. This encompasses make-up, music and nail varnish. I would like to get in the habit of  “shopping the stash” of make-up on a regular basis so I know exactly what I have. I am also going to try and complete an A-Z of nail varnish brands over the year on the blog, as well as the challenge which is on a separate page above.
  4. To pay off Andrew’s credit card bill on time. The debt is shared between us and I want to keep on top of this, as well as paying into our mortgage fund.
People I work with need to see this face more often.

People I work with need to see this face more often.

I really hope I can accomplish these goals – I’m also hoping that I can post on here every now and again, to keep me from getting bogged down with work too much.

Wish me luck?

Hello world!

Published October 15, 2012 by cakemusicandmakeup

Bit of a cop-out to re-use the pre-set wordpress title for the first post, but never mind!

I’m Lorna and I currently reside in the middle of nowhere with my boyfriend, the lovely Andrew. He blogs here at Trentender. I have blogged under various guises since around 2005 but none of them have lasted very long. I think I tried to just blog about one topic and it wasn’t really enough to sustain a blog over time.

I currently work as a teacher in a large-ish primary school, and that’s about all I can say about it really. I don’t have much spare time but when I do, I like to read beauty and lifestyle blogs, go to Starbucks for strong chai tea lattes and occasionally bake.

I’m hoping this blog will just be an outlet for all sorts of bits and bobs. Not showing off, just having a ramble 🙂

See you soon!