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FOTD: parents’ evening.

Published February 15, 2013 by cakemusicandmakeup

It’s a night dreaded by all in education: parents’ evening.

For teachers, this usually means a good 10-11 hour day of looking presentable, so long-lasting make-up is key.

I moisturised using REN’s Vita Mineral day cream for normal skin, then applied No7 Stay Perfect foundation in calico using my hands. Mascara was Bourjois Volume Glamour Max, and I applied MAC Peaches blush using a Real Techniques blush brush. Lip stick is 17 Mirror Shine in Belle.

FOTD: parents' evening

This picture was taken when I got home from work so you can see how it fared, bearing in mind I had 14 parent interviews, a full day’s teaching and two meetings in a hot office before this!

What is your favourite long-lasting make-up?


This week’s most worn no.1

Published February 13, 2013 by cakemusicandmakeup

You know your stash is too big when you open the drawer and think, “what shall I wear today?”

In the last week I have been trying to rotate my make-up choices to give things a bit more use, and to get out of that rut of wearing the same things over and over again.

So here are this week’s items I keep going back to.


I’ve been trying my best to keep to my resolutions that I blogged about here. I received a Boots voucher for Christmas and bought the Clarins blue orchid facial oil, and received free samples of the Multi Active day and night creams. Although they are only small, I’ve really enjoyed using these products. They smell nice and keep my skin moisturised, without irritating my eyes which has been a problem  lately. I’ve also surprised myself with this Botanics cleanser which I picked up on a whim when at my parents’ house over Christmas with no cleanser and a post-Christmas facial spot-fest. I apply to a dry face, with or without make-up, and remove with a damp flannel.

Skincare most worn


Really liking the Nivea Express Hydration primer I picked up from Boots in November, it creates such a nice base for make-up. I much prefer it to MAC Prep and Prime. Clarins Instant Smooth is on the wish list to try after this.

I totally fell for the No7 Foundation Match hype and was matched the week it was launched (to the shade Calico, if you’re interested) and bought the Stay Perfect foundation. I’ve only opened it this week but really liking it so far. I left for work at 7.30am on Thursday and didn’t get home to midnight; the day involved a long rehearsal followed by a concert which was VERY sweaty and this foundation lasted brilliantly. It photographs ok too.

I must have owned MAC Blushbaby for about 4 years and I used to use it religiously. It fell out of favour but I’m now firmly back on the bandwagon.

Finally, 17 Mirror Shine in Belle is great for work – it lasts quite well and is good for disguising my pale lips without going colour overboard.

Make up most worn

Which products have you been loving recently?

So I went to Boots.

Published February 11, 2013 by cakemusicandmakeup

And I spent some points!

So many bloggers talk about Clinique Bottom Lash mascara, and since I always make a total mess of my lower lashes, I thought I’d give it a go. Love a good freebie.

Clinique bottom lash mascara

Clinique bottom lash mascara



Two more non-freebie purchases: Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose 01 and Maybelline Color Tattoo in black. I ummed and arred at Christmas time as to whether I should by a black paint pot from MAC but in the end I bought Constructivist instead. Glad I did now, since this was only £5! I’m looking to recreate Lisa Eldridge’s colourful smoky eye she did in a video here, just got to wait for the right occasion now!

Maybelline and Clarins

I also paid a sneaky trip to John Lewis and got 2 colours from OPI’s Euro Centrale collection – I Saw, U Saw, We Saw Warsaw and Oy Another Polish Joke. It’s not the most original of collections – most new shades I have some sort of dupe for – but these 2 called out to me. I may have to go back for the paler blue, Can’t Find My Czechbook, or pick it up on Oxford St at half term.

OPI Euro Centrale picks

And finally, not part of the (unintentional) haul but an early Valentine’s present from Andrew… the OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand minis.

OPI Mariah Carey liquid sand minis

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

Published February 10, 2013 by cakemusicandmakeup

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable stains - Clinique dupes

I absolutely freaking love these lipsticks. I’ve bought 4 so far and I am so disappointed that we haven’t got the full colour range that is available in the US.

This product has been well-documented on blogs – they are Revlon’s equivalent to the Clinique chubby sticks but about half the price!

Lip stains

The reason I love them is because they are just so easy – nice and pigmented, easy to apply, easy to get more product when the pencil has gone a bit blunt and they have a lovely peppermint smell. Admittedly, the scent did take some getting used to at first but it soon fades when you’ve had it on a few seconds.

My favourite by far is the fuchsia Lovesick – so pigmented! I also really like the shade Crush which is darker than I would normally choose but wears beautifully.


Left to right: Rendezvous, Lovesick, Crush, Honey.

I bought mine from Boots, Superdrug and Target (during a trip to the US), and they cost £7.99.


Published February 6, 2013 by cakemusicandmakeup

Man I don’t like the word haul. But I do like these sorts of posts. This sort of goes against my last post of cutting back on the luxuries, but this is actually the only time I have been shopping properly this year so far. It had been a long old week at work and both of us are suffering from colds on the back of another, so we treated ourselves to a day out at Meadowhall in Sheffield.

Shopping at Meadowhall

I think it must be nearly 5 years since I went, and it seemed much smaller than I remembered. Maybe this is because recently I’ve been a semi-regular visitor to both London Westfields, and we had a little trip to Bluewater not long before Christmas. The selection of shops was good though, even if I was thoroughly unimpressed by most of the clothing on offer across the board.

First stop was Debenhams and the main reason for our trip: Illamasqua. The new collection was out, but a few things had apparently sold out already. All the nail varnishes except for the green were gone, but the testers (hurray!) meant I could decide which ones I want. I got the last green one, and having swatched I think I’m going to get the blue and lilac. But definitely not the pink. I was also interested in the lipstick but that had also sold out. The MUA was a bit pushy and tried out the new blusher brush on me, I wasn’t really swayed either way. Maybe I’ll have another go during a London trip at half term…?

Illamasqua Mottle 3

Illamasqua Mottle

Next I stayed in Debenhams and went to Philosophy and got these two bubble baths. Candy Cane was £3.50 and Mimosa £7. Bargain! Although again the staff were a bit pushy. I also got two samples.

Philosophy bargains

I didn’t get anything from Primark, queues were huge! But they have got some nice shabby chic style homewares in at the moment.

Next stop Boots – I got a strawberry Balmi (it’s a bit greasy and I forgot to take a photo!) and one of these Nivea Lip Butters in Raspberry Rose – smells amazing! We also got eyeballed by a snooty member of staff for daring to sniff the lip balms…

Nivea Lip Butter

Nivea Lip Butter open

In Urban Outfitters I got my sister’s birthday present and also a book for me about vintage tea parties.

Style Me Vintage book

Back in Debenhams to Mac – I got a creamsheen lipstick in Insanely It. I was torn between this and Clarins Watermelon, but the Mac was £2.50 cheaper and much more pigmented.

MAC Insanely It 4

MAC Insanely It 2

I also tried BB thickening hairspray in Boots but I can’t say I was overly impressed, especially since it’s about £20! All the volume the stylist put in with it had disappeared by the time I got home 4 hours later!

A satisfying day’s work.