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Hello world!

Published October 15, 2012 by cakemusicandmakeup

Bit of a cop-out to re-use the pre-set wordpress title for the first post, but never mind!

I’m Lorna and I currently reside in the middle of nowhere with my boyfriend, the lovely Andrew. He blogs here at Trentender. I have blogged under various guises since around 2005 but none of them have lasted very long. I think I tried to just blog about one topic and it wasn’t really enough to sustain a blog over time.

I currently work as a teacher in a large-ish primary school, and that’s about all I can say about it really. I don’t have much spare time but when I do, I like to read beauty and lifestyle blogs, go to Starbucks for strong chai tea lattes and occasionally bake.

I’m hoping this blog will just be an outlet for all sorts of bits and bobs. Not showing off, just having a ramble 🙂

See you soon!